"Remove" button in Order Tags

I can not seem to figure out what is the purpose for “Remove” button in Order Tags. Is this button used for anything?


It removes the order tags before you close ticket… if you accidentally hit wrong tag you can hit it again and click remove. A mandatory feature for order tags if you ask me.

Hi @kendash

Remove does not seem to remove Order Tags. When I click remove, nothing happens.

[See Video][1]

Order Tags are removed after I click them for the second time.

[1]: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8f1y258e1bnlyu9/7-25-2014%2010-52-59%20AM.avi

Never mind I was wrong… I don’t have it setup this way… but I’m assuming if you have order tags that are set as selected on default… you can click remove to take them off. But in reality I guess I really do not know sorry. I thought I had to hit remove every time I removed a Tag but apparently I don’t as you have shown.

Cool. :slight_smile: Learn something everyday with SambaPOS.

Clicking Remove + a Tag button will remove tag. Using that feature is required if you enable quantity tags. A quantity tag increases quantity as you click on tag button (think of ice cream toppings) so the only way to remove it is using Remove button.


Thank you for great explanation.

@emre Remove + a Tag will remove tag

if we have a Tag= a Tag x 4 and we hit Remove + a Tag the result should be a Tag x 3 but currently its remove a tag