Remove Close Button from Payment Screen


How can I remove the Close Button from the Payment Screen? Is this button hard coded in the program?

James M.

Check the close button mappings and remove it from payment screen if it is that button :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply!

I have removed the mapping from the close ticket button but it still appears on the settle screen.

Might be hard coded on settle screen then, why do you want to remove it? Surely you need it to come out of the settle screen if you enter it and dont fully settle the ticket?

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that button is not the same. Its to close payment screen or cancel a payment not submitted.

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I am setting up this POS for a quick service restaurant purpose. Every ticket must be settled when they enter the settle screen. This is a work flow for fraud prevention. Once settled via the Cash, Debit or Credit button… The screen should automatically return to the menu for a new ticket.

The close button in the Payment Screen is not a Close Ticket button. It is a button simply to exit Payment screen if settle is pressed by accident or for some reason they are not ready to pay yet. Even in fast food its useful what if cashier accidentally pressed settle… they would have no way to get back to ticket.

It does NOT close the ticket it just closes Payment screen and its a good thing.

I am curious what kind of fraud would be committed by simply exiting a payment screen? Considering the ticket is still open and not closed…

We would like to prevent franchisees and cashiers from entering the payment screen then selecting close and removing all items from the ticket and proceeding to another customer. In this case… The transaction will not be recorded.

How is that any different from just removing the items from the ticket screen before pressing settle?

All you need to do is unmap the auto command button for the default cancel order button (this removes an order from the ticket) or better just set that button to admin pin so if an order is added by accident it can be removed by a manager then theres no way to remove orders from tickets whether settle screen is entered or not

You need the close button on settle screen like @Jesse said, to simply close settle screen and go back to ticket if pressed by mistake or if you need to go back to add more orders. That button as far as im aware is hard coded anyway and cannot be removed, and shouldnt be removed as it is needed.

So what prevents them from just removing orders and closing then going to next customer before they enter payment screen? Just entering payment screen does not send orders to kitchen nor does it update any states… hitting close takes it right back to ticket screen…

If orders were submitted prior to entering payment screen the only way to clear them and close ticket would be to void them in which case it would be recorded that they were voided.

If you have messed with this default flow then you may want to revisit it or let us in on the changes you made.

I appreciate all the replies. Thanks.

Is there anyway we can help you? Did you figure out what you needed?

Hi @jamesmack, @kendash is correct, we need to know more about your situation and setup of the system to support you with the correct answers. Once the Close Button is removed all commands depending on this action are not working any more. Like printing to Kitchen or Kitchen Display. No possibility to Void, or Cancel items.
If you can supply us more info we will help you with the best answers and solutions we have.

I was just wondering if that close button could be removed. But, I definitely got my answer! I will be sure to start a new thread for any other questions I have. Thanks for all your help guys.