Remove Entity is new employee

I have an issue whenever a waiter select an item , a pop in message « Entity is new employee… » appears on the screen. It’s a waste of time as we have to click OK a dozen of times for a single order.

Anyone knows how to fix it ?

Thank you in advance :blush:

That’s not default behaviour of Sambapos and must be part of a custom installation.
Go to Management, Automation, Rules, click display all, scroll down to order added to ticket rules and look at what you have. One of them will be responsible - if you know which one then just remove mappings to deactivate it (make sure you backup your database first).
However if you do deactivate the rule it could affect the rest of your flow in your installation and may cause other issues.
Your best course of action will be to take a screenshot of the offending rule and post it here for further advice before proceeding with the above.

Thank you for your reply, here the screenshot below

Please show your rule which would cause the show message action as this looks to be all that needs to be removed.
Probably as I said above an order added to ticket rule.
All you need to do is remove the show message action in the relevant rule (probably the rule labelled new order adding rule or it may be a rule by itself) and that should leave all other flows intact.

Note: your rule may be different or the rule you want maybe called something else.

This is what is under new order adding rule

Ok so it’s a different rule go show the other rules under that section

So not an order added rule then. Could be ticket entity changed, ticket total changed or even another event. One of them will fire a show message action, just need to find out which rule.

To narrow it down go to Local Settings > Display and click show rule debugger.

Click save and log out and back in again. Do whatever you do to get that message to show and then look at the rule dubugger windows (hidden behind Sambapos tap alt & tab to switch to it)
Take a look at what rules fire and look for the show message action this will tell you which rule fires it and then we can then look closer at that rule.

When you expand the drop-down arrow on the left of each you need to look for a show message action. Once we know what event triggers it we can narrow down which rule fires it

Show your close ticket rule and cancel order rule

Have you got a rule called show message?

No I have looked for it and nothing like this

Maybe an entity updated rule