Remove item when answering no to question

I really do not see any reason to store entire tickets. Really just a way to log ID checks that were rejected with a timestamp. So maybe just a way to store a specific value with timestamp that can be pulled up in a report.

yes that would be good, and if it could log the items that were rejected too even better!

@Jesse, @RickH both are possible. What do you think which one works better?

i know in the UK trading standards want to see a log of rejected sales and they would want to see when it was refused (date and time) and what the refused items were

EDIT: they also want to see good practice and training in place which is why the message popup was a good idea as there is a constant prompt for the cashier so they cant “forget” to ask for ID and it forces them to check and select the appropriate action, and the tickets tags i currently have setup so there is an electronic “statement” stored confirming the cashier had checked for ID. Ensures the cashier follow procedures as if they dont they could get prosecuted

Sounds like we’ll just display a confirmation for all age restricted items and mark orders as unconfirmed (like void) until operator confirms it.

That sounds right emre.

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whatever you think is the best way sounds good to me!!

OK. nice. I’ll post a step by step implementation tomorrow. I believe it will also be a nice example of states and custom reporting.

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Excellent, thanks a lot @emre and @Jesse ill speak to you again tomorrow its 2am here so off to bed for me!

thanks again

I was planning to look at this in the future. I do not sell alcohol yet but I will be in the future. At Walmart, who is very proactive and requires anyone under 40 to be checked) their system probably had the best validation ive seen. It protected us and it protected our employees and the customers.

Basically any item that came through… didnt matter what point of ticket it came through… when it was scanned it prompted to check if customer is under 40… and required a birthday be entered it then checked the birthday against todays date to ensure its of age. If it was it allowed it and any item after that in the same ticket that was age restricted it did not prompt again. If it was rejected it would stamp the ticket as rejected and if entire ticket was cancelled it would store a Restricted Sales Ticket with ONLY the restricted items that were rejected on it. If entire ticket was not aborted and customer continued without the alcohol it still stored a Restricted Sales ticket in the system for managers to pull up… Cashier never sees this ticket. It was specific ticket that was basicallly just a log of restricted sales… it had the Cashiers ID on it with time stamp… Terminal # etc.

I will be attempting to build something similar to this… it will be in the future though as I have not got my license yet. to serve alcohol. I have been waiting because here the License goes to me personally and I am personally responsible for all legality of it not my business.

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It is only 4am here :slight_smile:

@Jesse we can move orders that have a specific state to a new ticket with move orders action. I think that might solve that issue easily. Only I need to check if it is possible to change target ticket type while doing it.

I can also test age checking by birthday entry. Sounds like a proper way for checking age… @RickH is it a requirement for trading standards? For example storing birthday of the customer?

sounds like a great system and would be perfect! i am off to bed now lol

No no don’t go… I’ll have more questions…

OK. Just joking… Good night :slight_smile:


Sounds good also gives me more ideas haha. I have learned about so many different ways to do things… I am revisiting my entire refund system to see if I can improve it.

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I cant wait to see this one!!!


@emre storing birthday isnt a requirement but would definately help cashiers check ages as if they were forced to enter a date of birth when an age restricted item was selected and samba could verify that date of birth was valid, it could add the date of birth to the ticket

This would be a further system in place to help cashiers ensure id is checked and a log to show trading standards that evidence (DOB) has been seen

Right im in bed on my phone and really off to sleep now haha!!

OK. I’ve completed it with some improvements added for next release. I’ll upload new version and prepare the tutorial soon.


Superstar!! Cant wait to see it thanks a lot!! :slight_smile:

I’ve uploaded a tutorial here.

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Excellent ill try and implement it tonight, looks really good thanks so much!!!