Remove order from Ticket once Delivered

In near future i would like to allow us to remove selected order from ticket once it has been delivered


u can change status to delivered. probably a highlight or auto adjusting the positioning of the order would help.
if need this to work properly, probably need to start by auto grouping of the entered ticket first

by auto adjusting the positioning u mean that i will be able to put orders from there state like submitted first then Ready and then delivered.

if so how is this possible?

if your using a ticket display system you can filter various states. So if you mark an order as delivered it will disapear from the ticket.

i was mentioning for ticket

can the filter work on this screen?

or we need to make a new widget —> Ticket Display System

You can not filter on this screen. I may be confused what you are trying to do. Can you explain from beginning more of your work flow? Why do you need it filtered on the order taking screen? Why do you want to remove an order from a ticket?

well i would like to remove the order from the ticket once it has been delivered

if this cant be done i would like to change the color of the order text or state once the order state changes.

If you remove the order from the ticket how do you track sales etc? Removing the order would mess up any accounting, or other processes linked to tickets. Are you delivery orders seperately from the same ticket? If so why? Are they paying for orders seperately ?

I am still not clear on your work flow it is hard for me to recommend anything.

Instead of removing an order from ticket when delivered why dont you mark it as delivered so you can track it?

Then again perhaps your using the order screen differently and have not shared that information with us yet. Please any information on your business flow would help.