Remove Prefix name from ticket template

hellow sambapos, i will like to know if it is possible to remove the prefix name from the ticket template, just want the order tag name on it.

When a Prefix is selected for an Order Tag, it becomes part of the Order Tag Name. There is no way to remove that unless you use a JS expression to replace all known Prefixes with empty strings. If you have a lot of possible Prefixes, the expression would become very long.

It would look something like this:

[='{ORDER TAG NAME}'.replace('PrefixA ','').replace('PrefixB ','').replace('PrefixC ','')]

For example, if you had a Prefix List that had the following values:


The expression would be:

<L11>     * [='{ORDER TAG NAME}'.replace('No ','').replace('Less ','').replace('More ','').replace('Extra ','')]