Remove reservation ticket type from sales

We use reservation ticket to record future orders.

At the moment, when we create a reservation preorder ticket , it appears as a sales transaction.

We don’t want preorder tickets to appear as a sales transaction.

Alternatively, is it possible to remove reservation ticket for sales.

Thank you

Preorder is a messy option re report if used incorectly, you probably need to create a custom report rather than use defaults.
Bare in mind that depending on the report type report may refer to order date or ticket date so simply changing ticket date doesnt cover all outcomes.
Personally never used preorder option and don’t intend to so cant give much in the way of direction on its use.

Can you suggest a better method of recording future orders.

The only reason we use pre-order ticket is so they we can close the work period at the end of the day.


You just need to redo your reports to not show preorder tickets in your sales. Look at I think it documents how to filter preorders. If not you can try