Remove table system

Hello people of the samba,
i just have a quick question:
Is it possible to remove the table system entirely or permanently disable it?
we have a takeout pizza restaurant and doing a complete table and user search actually takes longer.
i want to just create a ticket without tables and for deliveries i wanted to search up the customer if exits but i played with the settings a bit but to no avail.
can someone shed some light to this issue. thank you for you time.

Fastest way is to remove the Table entity from Tickets->Ticket Type->{your ticket}->Entity Type List.

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thank you so much for that. worked like a charm
also i have played around for at least 2 hours but i cant seems to make a takeout section. i added entity screen but nothing shows up and i dont want to set it up to search because takeout shouldn’t need customer info.
also two more things if you don’t mind. for a pizza is possible to select toppings. and
in the customer database i have managed to create more input fields but for example i set one field to delivery charge.
will i be able to carry over the field’s entry to automatically bill that order for the amount in that field?
i really appreciate you giving me your time. thanks.

Go to manage - settings - department - select your department and set Ticket Creation method to: Create Ticket:

For toppings see:

thanks got it working
wow amazing pos by the way. cant stress it enough