Is there a way to remove the ‘DON’T FORGET ENDING WORK PERIOD!’ text from the bottom left of the screen? I feel like it detracts from the minimalist appearance of the SambaPOS interface and the reminder is not necessary.

It disappears when you end work period.

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I think he means to remove it completely so even when a work period is open it doesnt show. Maybe have the option in local settings to be able to set it on or off if that was possible?

Maybe I am wrong about this but wasn’t that a feature that was requested? I thought it used to not remind people and it was requested as a reminder.

However a setting to turn that notification on or off wouldn’t hurt I don’t think. Maybe it should default to on but user get option to turn it off?

I dunno this is the first time I have ever seen someone request to turn that off.

It is timed in one way or another isn’t it?
Have never tried to work out at what point it begins showing.
Presumably time from work period opening?
If adding an option it would be nice to be able to decide not only if it shows but when?
Ie a cafe open 9am - 5pm might want it to show from 4pm where as a bar open from 11am to Midnight might want it to show from 11pm.

Did this every get added?