Remove Unpaid status of the ticket

I want to configure the sambapos such that there wont be any unpaid tickets. Ticket will only be generated once it is paid. and only paid tickets will be sent to the kitchen.

So don’t allow close until remaining amount is 0.

I don’t want close button on order page. I just want to directly make the payment. and then only paid ticket will be displayed in kitchen.

I did not say close button. I am talking about your rule flow. You will need to modify your ticket closing rule as well as a few others to achieve this. You do not have to modify the unpaid state at all likely if you do you might break something unintentional.

You need to constrain it so ticket has to be paid before it can be closed. I will look at it and provide a simple demonstration.

PS: I highly recommend you study the rule flow and understand how its working as well as states. This sounds simple but its a big change to the flow and if you want to make changes in future you should understand it.

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Lets clear some things up however. Is your goal with this only so Paid Tickets go to kitchen? EVERY customer will pay as they order? There is NEVER a time they would not pay? Do you use Tables? Do you ever change tables?

For starters:

To remove Close Ticket button you can simply remove the mapping from the Close Ticket automation command.
You should also remove mapping from the Close Ticket Rule.

Hi Kendash
Thank you so much for your reply.

I have a tables but it’s a self service pizzeria. there won’t be any service. Flow is like.

  1. Customer comes to the POS Station.
  2. POS person takes an order and at the same time customer pays for it.
  3. Once a ticket is paid it will be displayed in kitchen.
  4. In the kitchen i want a order wise processing. i.e. if one order from a ticket is ready kitchen person can mark it as a ready.