Remove unregistered tril

how to register the software , i download the new v 5 ?

Follow the instructions here:

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because i was using v3 but i download 5 and i got that msg , and v3 stop working
so i cant go on with trial ver. ?

If you are on V3, you can always upgrade to V4 which is free. V5 is now $99 USD but comes with all paid modules from V4 plus many new features. You can read about all of them on the forum.

If you want to use V5, you can remove the “unregistered trial” by going to Samba Market and purchasing the V5 license. Once purchased, you need to click Activate then restart SambaPOS and the warning will be gone.

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Good Thanks will do it
V5 i found it better


I have test your new version 5 and now I want to go back to V4 but is said to check data version and give me a error database: 123 - App: 78

Do you have a database backup?

yes from v5 only I forgot to do v4

You wont be able to restore v5 onto v4, youll need to restore the last V4 backup you did onto v4