Renaming Close button on Order Tag screen?


Is there any way to rename the “Close” button on the Order Tags selection screen?

I’ve had a client ask to change it to “Back” and also have seen many times other clients confusing it with the “close ticket” button.


Yep, good idea, I have spent way to long explaining the different to my staff.


I renamed it to Back for next update.


But but I want it to be called Return. Lol just kidding. I’m feeling funny today.


Hmm does Return sounds better? I can change it.


I wanted it to say ‘Done’ lol


What about Complete haha


So. How Should we rename Order Tag Screen Close button?

  • Back
  • Return
  • Complete
  • Done
  • Close

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PS: We won’t have Order Tag Selection Screen Close Button Caption Setting lol.


also if possible where 1 order tag is mandatory , and selected 1 order tag close/done the order tag screen automatic. instead press back/done . sorry not a request but i just wonder if we could.


I just voted for Back lol


How about Back with an arrow? Thinking from UX perspective, lots of interfaces where “Back” is involved has an arrow.


Isn’t it already doing it?


That’s the first I saw that too!

Possibly I never have a scenario where only one order tag group is mapped to a product. I have a “general modifiers” that is usually mapped to *. Good to know it is possible.


You may have more groups.

The rule is Max and Min selection numbers should be same.


So Back won the poll but I think we have one more universally known command. How it looks?


Come on just let us choose our own… its in the spirit of SambaPOS… PS I just want to put some funky symbol there…


Can I jump in on this and ask for flexibility to rename “Portions”… For me in my non-food environment, we use this more as “options”


Hmm i think i mapped too many order tags to a product ,some of them has 0 min and max , which like ( Dairy free, Gluten free etc) , which are optional .


What do you mean by that? You can name portions anything you want.

EDIT: Oh you mean name portions something other than what they are? I doubt you will get a feature that is specific to an industry that SambaPOS was not designed for.


I would guess that 0 min and 0 max would not trigger this. I am not 100% sure I have not tested that.