Reopen settled Tickets

i need help to create Re-open Button for settled orders. some time user they wrongly settled the bills so i need to know how to enable the button. i tried the way of create a button but not working any one can guide me to make it work

This should help you out:

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Thank bob for your replay i am very new reseller i have tried your guide not happening i am using V5.

Most people make this mistake. For your automation command in the mapping be sure Enabled is blank do not put * it should be empty with nothing in it.

I have tried i able to get the button but not able to reopen the bill.

i have created not working i am really very new pls help me to fix it

Ok so that looks nothing like the tutorial. Did you follow it?

Refresh is not reopen.
There is a specific action for reopen as part of the additional actions module.

i followed this instruction

You didnt really though, there were 3 actions in the linked rule.

reopen closed ticket, cancel payments and then refresh (display ticket with 0 id)

Your just refreshing the ticketed which will still be closed.
Suggest you go back and follow it more closely.

Thanks for your reply JTRTech
i just need one function . cashier some time payment settled by cash but the real settlement is VISA just i need to resettle to VISA that is all i need it. i am new i did the flow but did not get.

if i get the instruction as like the link is more easy in feature ill learn it more

Yes, one button and one rule but you need multiple actions to impliment.
The one button needs to do the multiple actions for it to work.

Did you go into the “Samba Market”…

Then install “More Ticket Actions”?

It may look a little different from the tutorial from the link (the tutorial wasmade using version 4) but the basics are still the same.

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@Bob_be and thanks i got solution using this link

but i have problem. when i reopen the ticket product also removing now . i need only option to change payment type only. egg visa to master or cash to visa etc…


@JTRTech thanks i got solution using this link