ReOpen Ticket and Refund Ticket Behaviour

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So I have implemented these and have been testing.

Question1: We are able to open tickets from closed Work Periods. How do we feel about this? I see no real issue as long as Work Periods are Balanced off.

Question2: With regards to the above (1) if we change the Payment Method i.e. Cash -> CC or delete an Item it does not effect the Work Period Report from that Closed Work Period. So again I assume this is by design and have no issues with this behaviour unless this is an refresh bug?

Question3: Looing around the method I see no way to lock a operator into the Current Work Period Only? I know as soon as we do this somebody is going to ask “Last week you sold me this thingy and I do not want it anymore…!”


Work Period reports are derived from the database its not a stored report. So if you change anything that it uses to generate the report then it will change the report. So yes if you change the payment method then the work period report would also change to reflect that. If for some reason you tested this and it seems its not changing can you give more details and screenshots so we can see what is happening. It should not be a refresh issue because reports are not stored they are generated.

Keep in mind that if you reopen closed ticket and then you resettle its dating it for the current work period not the past work period.

That is ture for V4 work period reports but I’m not sure if Custom Reports does it too.

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I might need to test that then. I was going by the logic of how it typically generates reports.

Yes I can not emphatically say it DID NOT update the work period but I did print the “Closed” work period, Reopened the Ticket, Deleted & Changed Stuff, and Settled. I am 95% sure the Report did not change…

That’s why I posted it here :smile: to ensure I was reading it correctly.

Likely because, as @Jesse mentioned, when you re-settled the Ticket, it became part of the current Workperiod (date-wise), and will no longer be included in the original Workperiod.

That said, it should affect the previous report, since the Ticket was removed. Sales for that period should be decreased.

Just for the current record: Voids & Payment Changes go into the Old Work Period if an old ticket is Reopened.
Checking the Closed Work Period report all figures and payment types are updated correctly. Not sure what I broke last time but cannot reproduce where figures were not reflected in the Closed WP…

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We shouldn’t alter old tickets for any reason. Reopen ticket is the worst thing I’ve ever put into SambaPOS.

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I would not stress about this one bit emre - it requires no further Dev work in my opinion as the function should be used sparingly and by Administrators only. For me I was just searching down every avenue for functions being implemented for our situation.

It really was the testing of how the Refund Button operates in this case so it has been put to bed. “Bigger Fish to Fry” in Customer Accounts for me.