Reopen ticket: works only on server computer (not client)

I have a server and a client machine. The server hosts the database. The client connects via LAN, and is connected to the messaging service as well.

I made a “Reopen ticket” button that’s visible only when ticket state is “Closed”. The actions are (1) reopen closed ticket, and (2) change ticket state to “reopen”.

On the server machine, this works perfectly.
On the client machine:

  • The “reopen ticket” button disappears after it is pressed (presumably because it is only visible in Closed state and it’s now supposedly in Reopened state
  • But the ticket status still displays as closed
  • Also the functionality of a reopened ticket (e.g. modify ticket tag) is not there.

My conclusion is that the reopen ticket solution is not fully working.

I can confirm that Reopen ticket works fine on multiple clients I just tested it. Can you share your rules/actions for it? And include any custom mapping you have done. When you say State Closed… are you talking about an actual State? you should not change a tickets state to reopen… We would need to see your rules/actions to know where the mixup is.

PS Message server is not used for this sort of communication so it has no bearing on reopen ticket. You might already know this but you did mention it so I wanted to clear that up.

Install Advanced Ticket Actions module on all terminals.


Thank you @Jesse and @emre for the usual promptness.

@Jesse I believe your suspicions are not the issue as it doesn’t appear to explain why server works and client doesn’t.

I will try @emre 's tomorrow when I get back to work as it is something I overlooked and post results.

I agree with @emre I was merely trying to help you work through it with limited knowledge of your setup. Mapping could have a lot to due with Server working and Client not working if it was mapped to specific terminals. But what @emre has said is the issue more than likely.


@kendash Ah… I have limited knowledge of the sambapos syntax and wasn’t aware of terminal-specific mappings. Thanks for enlightening. I learn about sambapos syntax for certain fields here and there on the forum but I’m sure I’m missing many pieces of the puzzle. Is there a concentrated place to learn most/all of this stuff, like a reference document?

Look in the Documentation category of this forum. Tons and Tons and Tons of great information there.

Did installing the module fix your issue?