Repetition of tickets numbers and details

Hello,i have the report i formatted named TICKETS DETAILS REPORTS and i discovered thet it is repeating Ticket number and details, please help me look into it,if there’s something i didn’t get right .

[Payment:1, 1.2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1,1]
Ticket|Date|Cash|Providus Transfer|POS PROVIDUS|POS ACCESS|Credit Sales|Access Transfer
{REPORT PAYMENT DETAILS:T.TicketNumber,T.Date,PA.Cash,PA.Providus Transfer,PA.POS PROVIDUS,PA.POS ACCESS,PA.Credit Sales,PA.Access Transfer},P.Type,T.Tables

That is because you probably have tickets with more than 1 payment on it. What kind of report are you trying to build?

Thank you Jesse,
I need a report that will captures ticket number,payment type and date as shown in the pic below that wont repeat same ticket.

Ok so you will have a problem. With that report. If you have more than 1 payment on a ticket you won’t be able to report payment type correctly without showing that same ticket number again.

You can combine payments but like I said if you have more than one payment on a ticket then if you combine the payments it won’t show payment type.