Replace Plastic Drink Tokens

Hello, I am looking for the best way to handle drink tokens? we are using SambaPOS in a private club and we have members that purchase drinks for other memebers and we currently give them plastic drink chips. I am looking for a way to printout some type of paper receipt instead of the current plasic chips. I would need it to print out one receipt for every drink purchased in the event that someone would purchase a round of drinks for everyone in the bar.


Have you thought of using Customer Accounts and charging those accounts? It wouldnt matter if someone buying drink for someone else or not if you charge the correct account.

If you wanted tickets the print ticket per order line is option in the Print Job, you could have separate template for ‘Coupons’.

@jyurkovich You however would get tickets for all orders so would need to constrain in some way. If you are using this purely as a ‘drinks in’ type system you might want to consider having some form of order tag/state for drink in so it only prints tickets for drinks that were not poured there and then.
Not sure off the top of my head on the action fields for execute print job in V4 but should be relitivly easy in V5.

Kinda like this idea so may put a drinks in ticket tutorial together ready for V5 release.