Replacing Guest checks

I want to find a system so servers can type in their orders and they can print out and dropped to hot or cold cook.

I don’t want any more mistakes bc servers’ handwriting is impossible for my cooks to read.

I want less arguments between servers and cooks.

I want servers on dining room floor more and less time in kitchen.

I don’t need typical pos system right now but would add later.

I’m picturing multi terminals to enter orders and printers shooting the printed guest check out.

How can I make this happen?

They would just be ‘kitchen printers’.

Either Hot and Cold tickets seperatly from two printers in each part of kitchen or same printer printing both.

If your doing that you might aswell have the printer(s) in the kitchen and save the taking tickets from till to kitchen.

Kitchen printers have many topics on forum, just use the forum search.
Single kitchen printer is setup in default install sample data

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