Report by Department?

Hi, I’m completely new to the custom reports side of samabapos. Just wondering how I would make a report that goes by department? example so kitchen can look at there sales and bar can look at theres.

currently have 2 menus setup if that’s any help.

Basically Bar want to know what they have sold in detail and summary, same as kitchen.

Thanks heaps.

We have some user guides for reporting available here 9. Reports – SambaPOS Knowledgebase

okay thanks @Jesse would you recommend any certain way about making it?

It will be best for you to study that and try a few things so you can learn how to build more reports.

Hey @Jesse need some help with reports its really urgent

Hey Mark then I highly suggest you also look at the Knowledgebase link I gave above.

Here’s one I found in the forum. It’s just for item sales, nothing like a work period report.

Also, have a look @ this thread:

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