Report for List of my products

Hello guys,

Please canyou help with a report that gives me a list of my products.


You could start with my price list report.

[Price List:5 ,3,3, 1, 2]
>Product | Portion | Group | Band | Price
		product.[GroupCode] AS [Group],
		product.[Name] AS [Product],
		portion.[Name] AS [Portion],
		price.[PriceTag] AS [Price Band],
		price.[Price] AS [Price]
	FROM [MenuItems] product 
	LEFT JOIN [MenuItemPortions] portion 
	ON product.[Id] = portion.[MenuItemId] 
	LEFT JOIN [MenuItemPrices] price
	ON price.[MenuItemPortionId] = portion.[Id]
	ORDER BY product.[GroupCode]
	:F.Product,F.Portion,F.Group,F.Price Band,F.Price::{0} |{1}| {2}| {3}| £{4}

Thank you very much.

Hey, is their a way to sum up all the figures under the Price field? Am a bit slow with SQL

What do you need total selling price for? Seems an unusual requirement as it doesnt mean much as a figure.
Maybe explain and better solution.

Thanks for response, But it’s fine… Managed to get them to see the importance of Ordering price. So will be entering Order price as stock is purchased.>>>
One of our customer wanted to use selling price as the determinant of the goods value.

Fair enough but neither of those are really relevant to total price of a product price list.