Report generation + freelance work

Hi All,

I’m Trying to make a report that lists item sales over a period of time showing the items listed menu price as well as the numbers sold of each item with total income at alternative pring ie. how much sold at full price, how much at various discounted prices or gifted/free.

The syntax for the reports is completely beating me so i’m wondering if anyone is willing to produce this for me on a freelance basis? maybe it would also be good to have an area in the forum where people can post paid freelance sambapos work for some of the more experienced users to pick up?

I know i’d be looking at producing this as well as someone who would be willing to help me set up an API connection to a third party inventory software that needs someone with sambapos and Developer skills.

Hi @Malcolm_Skinner , I could probably assist with the report, would you mind sending me some more information privately?

Generally community uses Ads category to post billable requests or offers

There is a section in the forum called Tutorials this where community shares their work.

8 years using Sambapos and totally never saw the Ads section of the forum before! ha should have known it would already be an option! :laughing:

Thanks for the offer ill send a message direct

Yes I have worked through a few of the the Reports tutorials, most of the time i’m ok with the process but the reports system is not really the most user friendly system. Time to give up and get help!

I wonder if a drag and drop reporting module could be considered for a later release? something where you can build a report inside the software as needed from common variables? then the current backend build could be left for more complex reporting? I understand that this could be hard to achieve if each users setup is so unique.

We have plans to make reports easier. First we will release new metriK.