Report Inventory by Base Unit

Is there a tag to report inventory by base unit?
I have Transaction Unit set to Case which is what I need for stock reports but I want to show staff how many cans are left when stock is running low.

{REPORT INVENTORY:{PRODUCT NAME}:Local Warehouse} Returns the Quantity in the ttransaction unit (Cases)

Is it possible to have a tag such as {REPORT INVENTORY:{PRODUCT NAME}:{PORTION}:Local Warehouse} to report inventory based on the portion selected. Ie Case or Can?

You could just do some math and use an expression. Just multiply your number by number of cans are in a case.

Yes but the multiplier wont always be the same.
Is there a tag for the multiplier?

I am going to try something with SQL if its not possibly using tags

For simple reporting, if you’re comfortable designing Views in SSMS you might find it easier and more flexible using such a custom View within {REPORT SQL DETAILS:X) instead of dealing with the limitations and weird syntax of REPORTING tags and expressions.
Initially I found that was the quickest way to get results, but only more recently discovered the enormous power of the built in reporting features, but it took many hours of fiddling with syntax to learn how to make them work!

About inventory reporting specifically the SQL is unfortunately quite complex on the more generic case that you need to account for consumption of items associated with Order Tags within Recipes. Using the SQL Express 2016 database engine it can be done quite easily using the new JSON functions in your queries. If wanting to support older versions of SQL server it would be best install a JSON parsing script module to provide easy access to the order tag data, but queries using these scripts could be very slow depending on how many records your report query initially returns.

SQL 2016 is the way to go for any SQL involving tags or custom data.

Unfortunately the built in reporting for Inventory is hard coded and lacks the flexibility most of the other reports provide. I also found {REPORT INVENTORY DETAIL:X} takes 15 seconds or longer to give an answer for inventory level of a single inventory item, while generating a full list of 100+ items using SQL only takes a few seconds!