Report Inventory Cost And Selling

Hello good people.

There is a report that I want to generate but it seems to be accessible only when I use the REPORT INVENTORY CONSUMPTION tag. I want to access cost price, selling price so as to calculate MARKUP percentage without having to worry about what has been sold. I want to get an inventory list with these columns.

Cost per unit,
Selling price per unit,
Markup percentage,
GP% based on SELLING PRICE - COST PRICE / SELLING (not total sales)

Is there a way to access inventory items columns and their fields the same way we access other tags in the REPORT INVENTORY CONSUMPTION?

Report tags are based on work period start/end dates. You can always set that within the report viewer or pass these details within an entity screen to get the information you want. If you don’t want to consider dates or work period sales data you can build your report using SQL to directly query the database.

For SQL you can either use this through Automation-> Scripts or build an in-line sql query on a report such as {REPORT SQL DETAILS}. Here are a few things to look at, the first one looks at the inventory table. I would be of more help if I actually tracked inventory.