Report Inventory Transactions - Filter By Document Number

Is it possible to have this list in a report? I want to display/sort by Document number. I have tried T.Number but I am failing to get the intended results.

So far the report that I have displays all the purchases made for a certain period. I want to be able to view /filter report by Document Number-That is the Invoice Number.

[Item Purchases:1,2, 1,1, 1,1]
@{REPORT INVENTORY TRANSACTION DETAILS:T.SourceWarehouseId,T.Source.asc::{0}:,}
>>{REPORT INVENTORY TRANSACTION DETAILS:T.Source,T.Quantity.sum:T.SourceWarehouseId=$1 :{0}}
{REPORT INVENTORY TRANSACTION DETAILS:T.Time,T.Name,T.Quantity.Sum,T.Unit,[T.TotalPrice.Sum]:T.SourceWarehouseId=$1}
>Total||||{REPORT INVENTORY TRANSACTION DETAILS:T.TotalPrice.Sum:T.SourceWarehouseId=$1}

“T.SourceWarehouseId” cant not use. i dont understand filtering document number. this means you must write ticket number somerwhere?

Could you draw the report what you want?

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This is the type of report that I want. Whenever I post a purchase I want to be able to retrieve purchases by invoice or by a supplier.

For example, let’s say I have purchased 5 products from supplier A and 5 products from supplier B. I want to be able to view the invoices/goods received voucher separately.

I have noticed that similar information is stored under Manage>Inventory>Transactions.

You must change document name manualy or you can create a dynamic report on entity screen.

“Castech” is document name.

[REPORT NAME:2,1,1,1]
InventoryItems II
INNER JOIN InventoryTransactions IT ON II.Id=IT.InventoryItem_Id
INNER JOIN InventoryTransactionDocuments ITD ON ITD.Id=IT.InventoryTransactionDocumentId
WHERE ITD.Name='Castech':F.Name,F.Quantity,F.TotalPrice::{0}|{1}|[=F(TN('{2}')/TN('{1}'))]|{2}}
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Thank you so much. It worked!
You’re a star! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

The only issue is that I have to hard code the Document Number. You mentioned creating a dynamic report, how do I go about creating that one? I assume a dynamic report will allow me to filter by a particular supplier without having to hardcode the names. Say I have about 25-30 suppliers and would like to filter by the supplier and list their invoices.

Right now I have hard coded these three suppliers and it works fine. Just need help on how to dynamically fill in the

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There are many tutorials about dynamic reports. You must research them.

ITD.Name=‘Castech’ will convert to ITD.Name=’$1’ and you will send a value for it.

Sorry my english not good.

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Thank you so much. Let me create a dynamic report. I will let you know how it goes.

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