Report Print Issue

my report layout is not the same as my report view.

may i know how to resolve

printer setting is

Can you please use a real thermal or inkjet printer to print your report and show us the layout issue there?

PS: Don’t expect too much from thermal printer as it is not designed to print such complex report layouts. Inkjet printers will work better for report printing.

Notepad does not allow formatting for most cases.

i have been using dot matrix printer tm-u220 and the print out is not a complete reports.

somemore it doesnot print a pivot report at all

[item sale group report][1]

may be it is due to the printer

well in thtat case for time being i would like to print my report in novapdf is that possible?
i have tried with printer type as windows printer it ask to save the file but does not print anything!!
[1]: Items sold by Group