Report Question

I need to support in report. I have a case, I have direct cash and reopen tickets cash, How I can separate between them.
I need to know how many cash for tickets made today, and how many cash for tickets re-opened from an old day?

Can anyone help me in that?

You need to create a Ticket State that you can put on reopened tickets and then you can filter report to that state. Call it OpenStatus and you can set it to ORIGINAL or REOPENED state. YOu can automate it to assign ORIGINAL to every ticket made and then it can be changed to REOPENED if you reopen a ticket.


@Jesse Yes exactly that I need, Can you help me how to do it, because it’s the first time to work with states. and how to distinguish between them in report.
Thanks in advance.

I can but it may be a few days. I am out on a business trip with one of my main suppliers so I won t be at a computer until tomorrow evening.

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@Jesse Ok, tank you and take your time