Report Table Features and Enhancements

Thanks to Kendash I was able to resolve an issue with getting a TOTAL for a Report using the #Table Feature. I have some questions on implementation, however:

Does anyone know how we can enhance this report further with shaded Column headers etc to make it look like a Samba Report?

When Printing from the REPORTS Menu Tile I have 3 issues -
1. Noting Prints using the Samba Print Option?;
2. Using the Print Preview Option by Right Mouse Click - gives quite a few nice features but no Headers?
3. I should also add that I cannot get anymore than 18 rows before the scrollbar kicks in - have changed the RowHeights to over 4000?

Welcome your thoughts @emre

Did you tried enabling visual printing setting for report and printing it as a regular report?

I have to say that control added for on screen data analyzing. This is a third party control and not compatible with .net’s printing mechanism and does not support some features properly like pagination, page fitting, etc. It has own printing mechanism but it is also not compatible with .net’s printing so it only prints the control itself. I tried to make it useful by processing it as an image with visual printing setting… I hope that helps.

Huumm @emre

I guess we take the tool for what it is? Visual printing at least gave a HEADING but it only obviously prints the 1st page or whatever is displayed onscreen so only half the records needed.

Not much help I am afraid.

If you use print preview does it let you print full report?

Yes Print Preview BUT no Page Headings.

Yes, like my post before about header. Hope it is away to solved it

Probably not considering what emre said about it and .net. however i have no clue what post your talking about.

i ask for request
“Custom design report”