Hi I want to print every single ticket type in one place how can i do it

Your question is vague. Surely you don’t want to just print the ticket type? Do you mean tickets of a ticket type?

I just want to print out the results without seeing any of the admission types

What results? Be more clear if you want someone to help.

I don’t see B,E,S I just want to see the total result

I can’t understand what your asking.

Edit: ok I get it. One second

That report tag is hard coded you wont be able to modify it. You will need to build your own report for Ticket Tags using the custom report syntax.

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I do not want to see the categories B, E, S in the types of judges I just want to see the total figure

This should help you build the report tag you want.

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Specifically look at the REPORT TICKET DETAILS tag that would be what you use.

Something like {REPORT TICKET DETAILS:TT.TVA.sum:(TS.Status=Paid)}

Ive not tested that but should get you started.

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I try but I can not solve it

Ok so what do you want us to do about that? I gave you something to start with… Show us what you tried… what is it doing? Show us the results. Just saying I can not solve it doesnt help us help you at all.

Show your ticket tags setup page so we can see what the group names are. I just guessed at a group name because you have not shown us that.

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