Report to show service Charge by waiter

We Charge a Service Charge with each drink, which is the payment for our waiters. I would like to see on the report how much each waiter made on service charge. is that possible?
Can you help me please?

Did you buy and activate Custom Reports Module?

nope. is that what I need?

Is there any way of testing before I purchase the module?

Ok I have installed the Custom Report module. (Not Activated) Where would I get the info to get the report working? I am not a DB programmer :slight_smile:

To be honest for the money your better off buying v5 it comes with custom reports. But either way you will need custom reports module or v5 to do what you want. If you want the default Work Period report to show what you asked then you would need v5. is where you purchase licenses for modules.

Let me get you a link to the Custom Reports Documentation to get you started. One moment.

This documentation will get you started. You can also search the forum for report examples.

And dont worry most of us are just restaurant owners and knew nothing about databases or programming when we started learning Sambapos. You will find its really not too bad but it does require some thought.

Anyone that can assist me with this?

Ok, there are some examples I did some time ago, the Service Charge is calles Taxa de Serviço in my case, I think these will get you started…



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Thanks guys for the support, I will get started :slight_smile:

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