Reporting - Orders to Payment Types, possible?

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Hi there
So I just cannot see what I am doing wrong as Q’s syntax is far more complicated than this below:

[Detailed Sales Product by Customer Accounts:2,1,1,1,1,2]
{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:EC.Customer.Full Name,O.MenuItemName,O.PortionName,O.Quantity,O.ExactTotal:T.Id==$1}|{REPORT PAYMENT DETAILS:P.Type:T.Id==$1:}


BUT if I run this code after the last line above I get:


I cannot find anywhere on the forum where a match for orders to payment type has been done?
Regardless I am doing something silly here and my tired eyes just cannot find it…

Any thoughts…
thanks Paul.

You probably ont as there is no direct allocation of payment to order, as you are trying to do the only posible method which is less than ideal is via ticket. However what happens if multiple payments per ticket? You will likely get multiple payment types returned.

Hey Mate
Yea I did read your comments on that on another thread. Think you actually used UPER CASE haha.

Q’s post here may be the only answer - just as you know I have 8 Draw balances with 7 payment types per Draw (separately counted) :sob:

Too hard going to bed… thanks.

Yer, have had a hard time explaining this to others before.

But if you look at that report of Q’s there is no mention of orders other than ticket order count.

Yes but the syntax lists each Payment Type - that’s the bummer as I do not wish to have 56 lines of report.
I may try to limit by using Jcript “.Contains” command…

Appreciate you popping in, enjoy seeing stuff you do, and always reading when I can. Part of the “old crew” :slight_smile:

This comes up a lot. There is no relation of orders and payments. It’s all ticket based.

@pauln why do you want to have order per line with payment type?
I am yet to hear someone who understands why they are asking for that.
They always say the tax man wants to know but thats rubbish as doubt any system has that function for the given reasons. Unless its an accounting/invoicing system where you actually allocate payments but even thats usually by invoice (ticket) rather than product/order line

In theory you may be able to automate something but I am just thinking out loud. We could get selected order from payment screen and get payment type when payment pressed… maybe I dunno

But that would be relient on orders being selected, if it was a 50/50 split or similar there would be do direct coralation.
Its this that many people dont get I think, yes if there is one payment for each ticket something like above would be true but unless you lock it down to only allow single payment per ticket or forced selection of orders before payment then there is no way for it to be 100% accurate.

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Right it is not possible.

Thanks guys, yes last night I was just being too stubborn to see “the woods from the trees” but in the light of the day quite obvious, appreciate your comments.

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