Reports formating

hi all
Kindly assist me to format my reports so that i can view it like the one shown below,i am trying to play around with with[8,1,5,1,…] as per kendash advice but still it not working out.your help will be of great importance

>>Ticket#|Date|Total|Discount|Customer|Staff|Item|Item price|Item Disc|Ticket disc|Commissionable|Commission Rate|Commission
> $1
{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:T.TicketNumber.asc,T.Date,T.TotalAmount,CA.Discount,EN.Customers,OT.Commission,O.MenuItemName,O.Price,OTP.Discounts,=[CA.Discount]*(([O.Price]+[OTP.Discounts])/([T.TotalAmount]-[CA.Discount])),=([O.Price]+[OTP.Discounts])+[CA.Discount]*(([O.Price]+[OTP.Discounts])/([T.TotalAmount]-[CA.Discount])):(OT.Commission=$1):{0}|{1}|{2}|{3}|{4}|{5}|{6}|{7}|{8}|{9}|{10}|{REPORT ENTITY DETAILS:EC.DiveCommission:(ET=Employees) AND (EN=$1)}|[=F({10}*{REPORT ENTITY DETAILS:EC.DiveCommission:(ET=Employees) AND (EN=$1)})]}
> |||||||||||Total for $1| $#.##

Show a screenshot of the the way it is displaying now.

QMckay sorry for the multiple post ,regarding the same topic,i just thought the previous post wasn’t posted because it didn’t feature in my dashboard…
How can we join both post so as it appear as one,i don’t want to confuse other users.

See my answer in the other Topic.