Reports on the Web - Single Store or Multi Store Management


I have invested in a way to see reports on the browser of multiple SambaPos locations (Stores).

It is not a multi-store add-on but instead is a way to manage locations under one screen.
In my setup, each location has its individual SambaPos database and all this interface does is run queries for the reports or writes on the database when applying a payment to an account.

Here are the features:

  • View reports of one or multiple connections (simultaneously).


  • View list of accounts
  • View details of account transactions
  • Take payments and apply to account


  • Sales by Hour (filters: date range and hour range)
  • Sales by Day, week or month (filters: date range and hour range)
  • Sales by Category
  • Sales by Category - Filtered by Entities
  • Ranking of items sold ( top 10, 20, 30, 50, or all)
  • Ranking of items sold - Filtered by Entities

  • Other reports which are made for my SambaPos setup.

*Almost every report/screen can be exported to Excel.

Web interface features:

  • Login screen with user management (not SambaPos user)
  • Google reCAPTCHA
  • Connection manager: connect to one or more SambaPos databases for pulling reports
  • Connection status: shows online/offline connections

Some screens:


Connection Management and status of connections

Reports menu

Sales per day

Select one or more connections

Data range and hours selection


Category report





This is interesting. Are you going to share this with the community?

Very interesting. Metrik will basically do the same thing once they get the reports portion working. But pretty cool indeed. Are you sharing it with us or just showing us what you did?

I would love to know how have you setup this. This could be of great help.

Hi There
I am interested in this setup.
can you share it to me?

Is it possible to get your setup, it was the idea i was looking for, if possible to share please kindly let me know.

hi am interested in this Implementation.
can you share it to me?

Hi Is there a possibility to have this code?

There is already an official app for this called metrik.