Reports wont load parameters from another workperiod

I have a custom entity screen which is for custom delivery date application,
I have a custom selection date, wich tags the ticket with delivery date
If i check the order by delivery date only work from work period tickets.
it wont load tickets from another work period

here are the screen


and rules

this is a video to illustrate the work flow

Try defining the Date Filter field:

The syntax should be <start date> <> <end date>.

I don’t know if [:CommandValue] <> [:CommandValue] will work or not, give it a try and let us know. Or you can try putting a hard date in the start field and {DATE} in the end date…something like: 01 01 2020 <> {DATE} this would give you the furthest date you could go back but the end date would always change to the current date.

If the delivery date and ticket date are different, the [:CommandValue] <> [:CommandValue] I don’t think will work. The date filter is looking at ticket dates, I believe.

The best way to do it is to have your user choose start date, end date & save it as settings.


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Delivery date is a ticket tag, i think date filter date filter wont help since the report load the results that match the ticket tag but only from work period tickets


Date filter is like the setting the dates in Reports. SambaPOS needs to know what tickets to look at based on the ticket dates.

I ran into the same problem when I developing a Customer Purchase History tutorial. Setting the Date Filter fix it for me.

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