Repoting Calculation

Hey Guys,

Can somebody please tell me why this doesn’t do what I want it to do lol.

Rest Cust|£{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:O.ExactTotal.Sum:(ODI=True) AND (TY=Bistro Food) OR (TY=Bar) AND (MG=Bistro)}

I want it to report me the total of all items on ticket type Bistro Food and Bar but only the items from the Menu Group Bistro.

Have I got this in the wrong order??



I expect its this that is the reason…
I guess from the question its valid and gives a report but just no the value your expecting?
Not sure how priority works with AND and OR but you probably want to wrap the two TY expression in brackets.
Something like;
((TY=Bistro Food) OR (TY=Bar)) AND (MG=Bistro) AND (ODI=True)
If that works.