Reprint and Void Buttons on ticket lister

So i am setting up sambapos for our business (pending purchase until setup)

Our setup is that its a department, fast pay button is set to Bill, and prints with barcode with the price embedded in the barcode,

so we dont have any tables, extra states, im using fast payment of (BILL) to send it to a paid state.

I have made a entity screen where it shows ticket lister (the help of other posts)

because i want to make it easy for my staff who are not computer savvy,

just reprint and Delete.
so if they make a mistake delete it and make it again
and Reprint Button incase they need to reprint.

i looked through alot of tutorials, I got the ticket lister etc working but i am not able to get these two buttons to do anything, I deleted all my custom actions, rules etc.
hoping to be guided by someone if possible.

also small issue i noticed when i sort descending order {TICKET NO}, for ticket lister it list as such order (from the bottom) 1 , 12, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,

basically 12 is before 2

You will have to run {TICKET ID} through Load Ticket action type, reopen it (because it was settled in full already), from there select all orders actions and void all orders from the ticket.

That is the only way to “delete” a ticket.

However, I am not sure whether Entity screen ticket lister will continue to show you 0 value tickets. As their state is Paid too.

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I’ll try putting it like this when I get home

Is it possible maybe you could give me some screens, also for zero priced tickets is it possible to maybe use an expression like {TICKET Total} >0

And reprint I have made an automating command like display ticket tutorial, with automation command, and made a print job etc but seems like it’s not working either. I’m not so familiar with the processes of the pos yet.

Creating a Delete button, would work exactly the same, just different actions used. Automation Commands is just a function and/or a button

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THANK YOU. I was trying stuff in expression instead of filter, appreciate you taking the time.

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is it possible you could just look it over. its working but its not staying on the entity screen, even i made a action to executes the automation command “ORDERS” button that opens the entity screen.

last thing if any you have any idea, i switched the primary contact field to phone and secondary is Name, now when im referencing the custom field {ENTITY NAME:Customers:Name}, it doesnt work but {ENTITY NAME:Customers} shows the number. i tried scouring all around and searching up and down to no avail.

In your Rule you are missing Select Orders action before Update Order Gift State action


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{ENTITY DATA:Customers:Name} replace Name with whatever the name of your field is

first of all appreciate your help very much, i dont want to ask too much, i have searched the forum lots, couldnt see why ,

i have the name custom field set as Name, yet still not showing

Probably not the best idea to use both Primary field called Name and custom data field called Name.

{ENTITY NAME:Customer} and {ENTITY DATA:Customer:Name} are two different things. Check again to make sure you are passing on the correct field

i got it solved, i just want to post what i was doing wrong

(The Display Format was empty)

thank you for your help, i thought it was a bug or something. until you said check again. Much appreciated

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