Request for Email module

hi @emre

I use the tool to send Email, Is there a way to add to the program the opportunity to get info \ commands via email?
There are so many rules and actions that I can perform using remote commands.
For example, to get a message \ PopUp on screen, orders from customers via email, send an email with a command that retrieves data from a software.
What do you think about this?
Is it possible?


Request for email Script

Sounds nice but I think we should focus such features after completing report module improvements. I’ll note that idea.

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Thanks @emre,
you are right there are more important tasks to do but it would be nice and very helpful, I’ll look forward to it :wink: .

It should include an income email with the values: ​​Received from, subject, message.
I am waiting patiently and expectantly when more important tasks to be completed.
Thank you so much emre, there are not enough words in the world to express my admiration for this amazing software and my appreciation to you :smile:

dear @emre,
Sorry for the lack of patience
Without any pressure of course, but just to know, do you think it will be in the near future?? :blush:
Thank you.