Request for tutorial

I just bought a licence (user frontemare).
I please ask you a tutorial for v5 for configure multiple terminal access.
I searched in the forum but I found only for v4 or v3.
I found a link to 2x application server, but the link is not active anymore
(Step by step on how to Configure multiple concurrent RDP clients to run SambaPOS (IPHONE ,IPAD, Galaxy tablet)
Step by step on how to Configure multiple concurrent RDP clients to run SambaPOS (IPHONE ,IPAD, Galaxy tablet)
^^^^^^^^^^^ non working link)

Everything is (quite) ok in configuring the stand alone POS.
My supposed Configuration:
TOSHIBA laptop with win7 + sambapos v5, and all the printers installed.
Samsung Q1 with win7 to access in remote desktop the TOSHIBA
HANDHELDS: 2 Android phones (to take orders)

Thanks in Advance

the non-working link is
inside the discussion.

So what are you missing?
Parallels is a virtual machine software ie to run windows on a mac within a program window.

To setup multiple terminals you need to be using SQL Express;

Your linked post is about multiple congruent RDP sessions which is a whole different thing.
This refereed to a ‘HACK’ to allow multiple RDP sessions on a non RDP server copy of windows.
This patch has been fixed in a windows update and is both not reconmended as would require running non updated windows with updated disabled…

You wouldn’t run parallels on a mobile device, if it is a non windows device you would run RDP Remote Desktop which is a free windows app which remote controlls another machine.

The ‘Patch’ which is actually a HACK allows multiple RDP logins to a single PC (against Microsoft Terms).

In theory you should have a PC per RDP device or get a copy of Windows RDP Server.

To use RDP you must have a copy of Windows Server and you must purchase appropriate licenses for each Device or Connection depending on which way you prefer. This route can get very expensive. Instead of Android devices I would recommend some inexpensive windows tablets and install SambaPOS directly to them and connect to the same database.

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The other legitimate options is multiple low cost PCs - one for each mobile device which is likely cheaper than RDP server however obviously then raises the question as to would it just be easier and cheaper again to have windows tablets in the first place.
This is what I have done for a client who specifically wanted to have iPads for tablets.

So your saying buy the small PC’s and run single session terminal service for each tablet? So 1 PC per tablet. Yeah that could be an option but it would probably be most cost effective to just buy the windows tablets. If the client demands Ipads or Android I could see your solution being cheaper than full RDP licenses though.

That was the reason.
I personally have had better experiences and like ipads for grate battery life etc.

I personally have also had less issues with clients using RDP over local as if the connection is lost with RDP samba is still there when reconnects rather than samba crashing and having to restart, although that was with V4 and know reconnecting side has been improved in V5.

Admittedly it is probably not as cost effective as just using widows tablet but as said they wanted iPads :wink:

SAMBAPOS on windows server, working well as stand alone (with all the printers configured)
I need a tutorial to help me to:
configure terminals using 2x application server ( as was for v4 )

Hmm maybe its a language barrier. We explained it to you. Can you read what we said and respond to it specifically why that won’t work?

Don’t understand what you mean by this?

To use multiple terminals you must install SQL Express and move your database to SQL Express then connect all of your terminals to it. Here are some tutorials to help you.

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