Request for V5 or v6

1)description field (plain text field) when adjusting inventory.
2)low level stock alarm (not an on the fly ticket title that must be pressed or a display message that must be pressed in order to warn the user)
3)a more friendly data export report module
4)OMG a wastage/spill system (not the end of day record, i believe that using end of day record is forcing something thats not made for that, because there are multiple situations that could lead the staff to spill or waste or adjust the inventory and doing all 3 of them in end of day records makes the metric loose traceability.
5)Production module,PLEASE

Number 2 you can do now with tools provided. #5 likely won’t happen but we may get better tools for designing our own. #1 is great idea I would like this myself.
#3 your going to have to explain better.

Forgot tu put the “4)” number
#2 yes I know that but I mean doing it in a friendly way…like just a check box that activates the alarm whenever the stock is low next to the inventory item list, making the setup easier that’s the goal
#3 I’m imagining and export button that creates a sheets Excel file…because actually a user have to create the same report twice…one thats gonna display in the inreport module and another one for the data export I don’t know the word in English for that “re proceso” like doing two process for almost same thing.

I wanted to clarify something, I’m not criticizing the POS I actually like it a lot, I’m just throwing ideas for the POS being better.

I can understand this but something you should know about SambaPOS is typically do not get features like that. SambaPOS is designed to be very basic out of the box but it has a unique tool-set that lets you customize it exactly how you need for your specific business. So typically we do not get specific features coded in like that.

I know and I am not trying to attack you I am trying to get you to understand that most features in SambaPOS you need to build yourself that is what SambaPOS is and likely wont change. We will get better tools in the future possibly but I wouldnt expect any custom features coded in. Most of my responses are trying to get you to think outside the box and start to design your own features or look deeper for tutorials or someone else that might have figured it out already.

Think of SambaPOS like a Sandbox environment kind of like Minecraft. You can do just about anything with it… but you need to understand the foundation and tools available. SambaPOS is specifically designed like that on purpose… it will never be like other POS systems for sake of Easy.

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