Request Password For Negative Sales - Refunds

I use negative sales to reverse incorrect orders that were already settled and printed out. Is there a way I can prompt for a password before a negative sale is finalized? I don’t want anyone to process negative sales, it should be protected by an admin pin.

Automation Commands > Confirmation

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Admin pin on your refund command.
Would be confirming the refund of order rather than closing of negative total.
Thats easiest method.

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Thanks for these replies. It seems that the refund command is hard coded, I can’t see the refund automation command on the commands list.

Or maybe I am doing it wrong , I just do a negative sale and settle like a normal sale then I get a report on the work period report that shows refunds (in my case negative sales). The main issue is I don’t want just anyone to do a negative sale, how can I protect a negative sale with a pin or assign it to a certain role?

Refund is not hard coded, pretty sure its not even setup on default database.
Automation commands in automation section.
The name doesn’t have to be same as the button header FYI…