Request to hide "Balance" at bottom of ticket

Hi @emre

This has been requested before by a few people from posts ive read, can we have an option in setting to hide the “balance” at the bottom of the ticket?

As you can see ive created my own auto command button (it doesnt do anything its just for display) to show remaining balance and number of items on the ticket, so it woul dbe good if we could hide the red balance part as it isnt needed when doing what ive done

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Perhaps addition of a shell title for ticket footer? Which is what I thought that was and hadnt seen the addition.

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That’s a good idea! That would work really well and be identical to the ticket header a ticket footer

And could then be simpler to change and update to different things depending on what stage in the pos/other setups you are/have

For now I’ll need to maybe add a new ticket footer state flow so the different things I need appear at different times, or I might just get away with amending some current bits I’ve done

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