Requests for Sambapos

Hi @emre

It would be great if you could integrate : -

    • HRMS Open Source tool like Sentrifugo to use with SambaPos.
    • Add an Option to add Invoice / Bill Number while making purchase inventory, this could be field where whe can enter bill no of invoice sent from vendor for record purpose. Right now we can only select entity and add some note. Also Option to make purchase entries by choice of date, right now if i missed a day or two to enter all my purchases, purchase dates are showing different dates from my actual purchase dates based on supplier invoice dates. creates problem when crosscheck on purchase entries.
    • Under reports, option or a feature where we can search by day,week,month filter of any inventory item to see its purchase and consumtion. Basically from the dropdown field i.e. similar to a field while purchasing inventory. Where we can select any inventory item and see its report (about purchase and consumption)
    • Online access to SambaPos Reports ( which is handled by metrik ), but option to update prices, add / edit products and more basic operations on day to day.
    • Reservation option

These i think are some basic features for to make SambaPos complete for me. Apart form that everything else is fantastic.

@luckyrajiv I moved your request it was off topic for the post you put it in.


Thanks Kendash.

I am working to build a connection between a stripped down CRM tool and SambaPOS.

Do you have an email address ? If its not a problem, i would like to ask you for some help in setting up some mods based on the in built functions perfectly.