Require explenation for void,

Is there a way to require an explanation why the waitress is voiding the item or order In which I will then be able to see at the end of the day.


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You can use a ticket tag with [?Void Reason] put it in the void rule. It would bring up keyboard for them to type a reason and that would be the ticket tag.

Okay, could I put premade tag buttons on there with common reasons also.

Yes you can, however my opinion on this is as follows:

You really want to add more buttons for them to press for something that is only useful for you and is not really an impact on business? You might want to reconsider how beneficial this would be because your adding extra complexity for your staff and your giving them notion that your micromanaging them.

There are other ways to manage this portion of your business without involving your staff. We can maybe explore those options.

What I am saying is… determine what your going to do with this information and determine if its actually going to benefit you or not. Weigh that benefit is it crucial for your business. Because bottom line is your adding extra complexity for your staff to do… and it does not reflect as sales to customers and it does not benefit customers and certainly does not benefit the waiters. Its strictly a check on your staff so you can do some sort of micromanagement. Its my opinion these micro management techniques work best when kept invisible to basic operating environment.

If its to track specific reasons to determine product effectiveness or cooking errors etc… then just knowing it was voided and investigating a trend for voids on specific product is a better approach vs adding a complexity for your staff to perform that only relates to statistics and not business operations.

Here is a tutorial that can answer your question however @emre just posted it:

@Jesse it is something used in our country. I think developer of the first POS did this and people asking that :slight_smile:

I completely agree what @Jesse says.

Yeah sorry I came across little strong. I was not meaning to condemn it I was trying to share an operational viewpoint on it. Its something I plan to do when I finish my system is to evaluate its effectiveness for business. I will look at all of my own systems and determine if its something I really want my staff to do and weigh its effectiveness on my business daily operations. If it looks like it will benefit my business to include it and relate to sales increases then I will include it. If it doesnt then I will evaluate other methods to maybe achieve the original intent without adding it in as a daily required function.

I have already done this with my database and ended up rewriting it completely. lol

Thats fine I must admit im learning alot from your feedback. Im just realizing that my old pos isn’t exactly the only way or most efficient way of doing things, lol please bear with me during this transition as it is not easy. Iv been with the old POS for over 7 years now and it was the only once I knew so my mindset is that and only that. I been doing alot with samba however and im starting to love and understand it more and more by the day.


does this setting only happen with the void and gift button? ive setup a refund button and added refund reasons in the value box, eg Ordered Wrong Item, Damaged/Faulty. These reasons appear on the right hand side of the POS screen as they do for void and gift however when pressed they do not update onto the ticket under the item that is selected, as it does in @emres example.

Is this a bug, should they show as in the example or does it only work for void and gift buttons?

Rick you have to understand where those values are coming from… they are state changes… i recommend you really study up on states, in particular order states.

thanks i had a look at how gift was setup and worked it out :slight_smile: im doing good tonight looking up about accounts and sorted a float in/out and petty cash setup, im on a roll haha

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Awesomeness! You’ll be writing your own Tutorials soon! There’s more than one way to skin a cat, and more ideas/implementations = better

I love it when that happens. Great feeling!

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