Reservation Screen Clears After closing Ticket

Hello, I have multiple terminals and I’m having an issue… When on the reservation screen in one terminal if someone on any other terminal takes an order and closes a ticket the information on the reservation fields are cleared after the ticket is closed, any help would be much appreciated.

Pretty vague so hard to say but check the automation on closing rules, states or something being updated relating to your screenm

That is due to the refresh of the screen from message server. You may need to turn off auto refresh.

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Thank you, I tried that and it partially worked… now when I’m doing a reservation at the main terminal when I close a ticket from any other terminal the fields remain there, but when I’m taking a reservation from a secondary terminal and close a ticket from the main terminal the issue still happening.

Separation between terminals can often sugest a message server issue. Double check message server setup and ports on main machine and check client terminals are pointed to main machine for message server as well as dB sting and with correct ports.
I’d also double check rule mapping and make sure no relevant rules have unexpected terminal mapping.

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