Reservation Set up Layout doesn´t show tables

Hello, I´ve been trying to use the reservation set up, but the tables aren´t shown in the set up. on the other hand, as soon as I try to select reservation ticket, an error apears on my screen and Samba shuts down, I would really appreciate if someone can help

What is your table entity type named?

Thanks for the reply, it looks like this

I´m a restaurant owner, and I´m just learning about configurations. I´m sorry about some obvious things I´m not doing :grimacing:

I´ve also changed it here

On the reservation screen, right click then select Design Mode. Click on the where the Mesas (Tables) are suppose to be, it will have a red overlay. Right click in the red area then select Settings [Entity Grid].

It should say Mesas in the field. Can you confirm this?

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Thanks Bob! Appreciate it