Reservation tables slowing down sambapos

i implemented reservation setup from the configuration task but its making sambapos slow especially when i reserve a customer.

What are your systems specs?

intel i5 3.00ghz 8gb ram 240gb ssd

There is nothing in that task that would slow down Sambapos. Can you show a video of it?

Did you make any modifications to the reservation setup?

If this setup is using tasks, there could be too many entries in the dbo.Tasks table slowing down returning results for queries. I’d take a look there and see how many rows there are and how much space the table is using.

The only changes i did was to put Entity Search so when a customer that is already on the system i can add him/her by search and select customer button then it automatically adds the name and phone number , if its a new customer not o the system it saves the details of the customer to the customer entities…

i got my problem solved from an old post you answered, now its not slowing down sambapos…Error report, please help me read what is the problem - #21 by Memo

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If tasks are causing performance issues, it might be worth checking the dbo.Tasks table. Check the number of entries and table size—it could be impacting query speeds.