Resetting Everything


I have been goofing around first to see what all is or was possible with Samba Pos and now i would like to reset it completly to like when i just downloaded the file!! tried uninstaling and deleting the Sambapos folder etc etc but everytime i reinstal it will have everything that i have done in it again. does anybody know how to completly remove it and start completly over ?

Depends on what database type you used…
SDF would just delete the file in samba folder in my docs, LocalDB you would need to download SQL Manager.
SQL Express you can delete database or just define a new database name and samba will create a fresh table set.


Thank you this was helpfull in a way

LocalDB you can also just delete the SambaPOS5.mdf and SambaPOS5.ldf files in the folder, if database connection string remains at default (i.e. blank), SambaPOS will just create new ones containing sample data on next run.

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well that completely breaks it now it won’t work at all