[RESOLVED]4.1.65 Department Not Loading Menu Bug

:back: Retract everything you read here. I figured it out. I had used a fresh Database Import to test the integrity of my setup. It imported the Custom Entity Screen but it did not save the Ticket Type selection in the Custom Entity Screen settings…

Not sure why it did this as I cannot reproduce that… however I set the Ticket Type back and it works just fine. Normally it would not even let you create the screen without this setting filled in but apparently it created it with Database tools and left it blank.

EDIT: Ok I figured out the reason Database Tools did not import Ticket Type filled in for the Custom Entity screen. I originally exported the file from my Database which uses Sales Ticket … the fresh database did not have Sales Ticket… I rebuilt the entire system on a default scratch database so its integrity is fixed. Now I can release my tutorial!!

:bangbang: This was tested on a stock fresh Database with just Sample Data loaded and the following Database Tools file listed below.

I have found a bug causing the menu not to load. This may be due to a specific use of Change Entity action. History of how to reproduce this bug is as follows.

I was developing a tutorial and Database Tools file for the Time Clock with Users here is the setup.

Time Clock.zip (2.5 KB)

After you install it set your department to Create Ticket instead of Select Entity then log out and log in go to POS select Time Clock button to go to the Punch Screen then go back to Main Menu and select Manage and then go back to Main Menu and select POS. The menu has disappeared. If you do not go into manage mode the menu stays and does not disapear.