[RESOLVED] Actions Linked to Rules But Does Not Exist in Export File


Can someone shed some light on this error message? I am attempting to Export to File via Database Tools and I received this error message.

“###These actions linked to rules but does not exists in export file:
Print Receipt>Customer Display”


James M.

This is not an error. This is a warning. As it says you’re exporting a rule that contains Customer Display action but your export file does not include this action.

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Thanks for the quick reply. How come that action isn’t included in the export file?

I have changed to a question :smile:

@jamesmack when exporting configurations like rules you need to include any associated actions if they are wanting to be taken with the export. This includes automation commands print jobs and templates if part of a setup.
You can transfer just the rule but if there are not the same actions etc on the install your going to import to the rule will not work.
(I may be wrong but I imagine that it would work on the action etc name, ie is your rule included stock/default actions etc it would work on the other install which is where using generic actions with [:FIELDTITLE] in the fields can help as these can easily be used by many rules doing different things but because the fields/options are defined in the rule it reduces individual actions each specific to a rule if that makes sense)

Right click while inside database tools dialog and tell it to include the appropriate actions or commands.

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Dammit, have spent ages a couple of times trying to find all the connected actions etc LOL :grinning:

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Thanks for the help. This question/issue has been resolved. I left an old action laying around.

double check you dont have an action in the rule in the error message which has been renamed/deleted

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