[Resolved] Database Tools Module not available after purchase

Hi Emre,
As per separate email chain, we are not able to see the Database Tools module despite an online purchase.
I am unable to paste a screenshot here as I get the message ‘Sorry, new users cannot upload attachments’.
Therefore I have mailed you a screen shot on the previous e-mail thread.

Please advise.
Thank you.


Did you go to the Samba Market from inside SambaPOS and login and activate/install it?

@deepaamarnat, you’ll see Activate button under Install button on next update. Clicking activate will enable Install button.

4.1.74 will solve that issue. Thank you very much for helping me on solving this.

Hi Emre - below is the findings from my tech consultant who tried re-installing 4.1.74 version of Samba. Please advise:

Hello Emre,

We tried uninstalling and reinstalling the pos.
But it still remains the same.

The module is seen, but install button is deactivated.

We also tried removing the dll files from the installation folder but still no go.

Not sure what is missing anymore.

Rohit K.

Did you log in from the dialog in upper right?

For a reason license keys does not match and it locked module installation. Complete these steps to regenerate license keys.

  1. All module files should exists under installation folder to be able to install modules. Please reinstall latest update to ensure all needed files exists. Do not move, delete module files after update.
  2. Login to SambaMarket.com website.
  3. From My Products page click clear license keys button. That will regenerate new license keys for you.
  4. From SambaPOS navigate to Samba Market module.
  5. Login with your sambamarket.com login by clicking Login link that located at the upper right side of the screen. After successful login link should display your user name.
  6. Click Activate button. That should download new license keys. If not restart SambaPOS. If it still does not activate execute this SQL script to clear your license keys from database.

Delete from AddonLicenses