[Resolved] Entity Type Custom Field Issue

Ive added some custom fields to capture customers address details, they all work except for my post code field. Ive deleted and created it again, logged out and back in but i cant get it to display on the customer search screen as shown below, any ideas why?

Heres the setup

Go to POS and select customer button and search for customer

Click edit customer and the post code is filled in here, it just doesnt display on the previous screen like the rest of the data does

Can you PM me a backup zip please?

How do i PM you i cant find the option to PM anymore?

You should be able to send now. Can you try again?

Thank you very much for the backup. It seems working fine for me so I think it is a custom layout issue. Please exit SambaPOS, delete LC_Customers.xml file located under [MyDocuments]\SambaPOS4\Layout folder and restart SambaPOS. Let me know if it solves your issue or not.

Just deleted that file and restarted Samba and its working perfect now!!

Thanks again @emre